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Dadanda Shop

Dadanda Shop

  • Scenography and Design – Luisa Pacheco
  • Client – Private | Luanda | Angola
Luanda – Angola

Dabanda – Shop for clothing and accessories

The materialisation of the concept resulted in a modern, open and inviting space that preserves the industrial aesthetics of the building, whose visual identity is based in the Angolan national colours. With pre-existent architectonic and construction elements, and round windows and scaffolds in mind, we designed a commercial space for the sale of clothing and fashion accessories.

The round windows were given the role of shop-front windows and the scaffolds were transformed into functional elements for clothing and accessories display. Ceiling lamps were created for general lighting purposes, enhancing the products and scenographically marking the shop space. A central zone was defined for people to try on products. This zone, as well as a sidewall, includes shelving modules for product display. 

The shop is divided in three different zones: a display zone. a try-on zone and a storage zone.