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Himalaya Creativity Workshops

Himalaya Creativity Workshops

Arcos de Valdevez – Portugal

About the Exhibition

The Himalaya Creativity Workshops are a space for the dissemination of scientific culture, education and cultural enrichment, inspired by the life and work of Father Himalaya.

It consists of 4 distinct and functionally autonomous sectors:

1) Padre Himalaya Workshop

2) Hemisphere

3) Padre Himalaya interactive center

4) Labyrinth on the life of Father Himalaya

The pedagogical project has the philosophy of an interpretive center, adding a dimension to promote science, knowledge and eco-citizenship. The visitor is called there to marvel at two replicas of the Himalaya solar machines: that of Saint Louis is almost full scale and was naturally stripped of the conditions that would allow him to obtain the extraordinary temperatures that Himalaya reached at the World Exhibition; that of the Pyrenees, located on top of one of the buildings, is already the icon of the equipment and recalls that, in science, small advances are as necessary as great jumps.

Inside, there are science games and laboratories. A hologram by Father Himalaya challenges visitors and provides information. On a bicycle, you can pedal until you produce enough driving force to light a lamp. The laboratories allow you to get your hands dirty, with real experiences. And, if you have the stomach for it, the labyrinth only allows you to progress with the pieces stored in each visitor’s backpack and with the right answers about the life and work of Cendufe’s pioneer. It remains for you, in the end, to go inside a soap bubble or watch high definition content projected in a 360-degree hemisphere / dome.

Source and images: National Geographic Portugal/ Município de Arcos de Valdevez