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Exhibition – Home Sapiens, science at home

Exhibition – Home Sapiens, science at home

  • Scenography and Design – Atelier Zer0
  • Coordination and content – Pavilhão do Conhecimento
  • Production – Eurostand

Lousal – Portugal

About the Exhibition

An exhibition created to allow visitors to develop scientific experiments in a domestic context space conferring the identity of a house where there are 4 areas; kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The exhibition draws on an serpentine walls that illustrate the 4 areas of everyday life in a house, and each zone is illustrated by elements that identify and describe. The use of graphics and create a living environment stripped making educational visit an enjoyable and enriching experience.
Each zone is identified by the images that illustrate a three-dimensional model of the space that is chromatically treated to integrate the concept, and underneath each scale model exists an interactive screen with a ‘quiz’ where you play and learn the origin of each object represented in mock materials. The model distinguished by lighting the object that is being displayed on the screen simultaneously.
3 In niches cut in the exhibition wall, are exposed everyday objects, each exhibition area contains tables where they perform experiments and interactive learning modules.

Details in the exterior

The location of the building that houses the exhibition sets an exhibition route and gives the building will implement an interaction and dialectic with the existing building. Comes a zone of connection between both buildings CCV Lousal to approximate the visit giving freedom and fresh air will visit CCV Lousal.

Construction and implementation