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Exhibition – Física no Dia-a-Dia

Exhibition – Física no Dia-a-Dia

  • Scenography and Design – Atelier Zer0
  • Coordination and content – Pavilhão do Conhecimento
  • Production – Eurostand
Lisbon – Portugal

About the Exhibition

Ciência Viva, the agency that makes science real, has produced “The Physics in Everyday Life”, a dynamic exhibition designed by the studio Atelier Zer0 and based on the book “A FÍSICA NO DIA-A-DIA” [Physics in Everyday Life] of physics teacher and Portuguese author Rómulo de Carvalho, which reveals the forces of Physics that make things work. Classical Physics principles are explained using daily objects, bringing a new vision of the world that surrounds us. An astonishing and simple exhibition where the public can perform several physics experiences with the support of all the necessary material, specific written instructions and trained exhibition staff.

Atelier Zer0 designed and organized the exhibition space in 6 different house areas – bedroom, living room, office, pantry, kitchen and garden – where it is possible to explore the main areas of Classical Physics.
The design was modular and based on the principle of creating an itinerant exhibition adaptable to different spaces, with the possibility of occupying an area from 100 to 500 sqm.

The 6 exhibition zones represent areas of our homes, and the experiences one has in them can be identified/distinguished by colour and by scenic elements that visually describe each zone.

Computers, complicated electronic gadgetry or bleeding edge technology can´t be found. It’s all about everyday life. Dozens of active, engaging experiments illustrate the main areas of classical physics using everyday objects like nails, paper clips, mirrors, clocks, kettles and kitchen scales. 

An inquisitive and pleasant exhibition to visit, experience and gain from.

Construction and implementation