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Design of the Touchscreens Project – Coaches Museum

Design of the Touchscreens Project – Coaches Museum

  • Creative Director – Luísa Pacheco
  • Graphic Designers – Marta Anjos and Luís Alexandre
  • Illustrator – Daniel Lima
  • Programming – TOMI

Lisbon – Portugal

Project for the Coaches Museum at the invitation of the Muse-Museums and Heritage when we integrate the last phase of the Open Tender.

The Museography was on stage to be given body and so we developed the design and application of the content and way of functioning of the interactive screens accompanying the Coaches.

In a visual language that demand for communication between the heritage of the past and contemporaneity, I have chosen a graphical approach that evokes the aesthetic lines of the building itself and sings the magic that the coaches, while precious and rare pieces filled with history and shrouded in some mystery, evokes in visitors.

Highlighting a debugged visual language, the design lives essentially the richness of the images and the impact that these are the scale in which they are presented. So as not to stifle the strength of this visual graphic language documentation becomes sober and refined, in parallel to the architectural drawing.

Direct references to power lines and structures multiples throught out the layouts, through geometric meshes which grip the elements. Combined with the interactive way of navigating these grids accentuates the fluidity and dynamics of pages, resulting in a simultaneously alive and smooth. This structure creates a link and contextualizes the visual language across each interface.

History Illustrated